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I cannot stress enough how much dentists have scared me in the past. I have lived in the dental chair all my life...cavities on top of cavities, braces, chin guard (yes, they did), reconstructive jaw surgery (Maxilla and Mandible)...the usual! So, when I came to #BellevueParkDental my fears and anxiety were made to ease. Dr. Christine Hong is pretty amazing...she provided me with "magical sedation" that literally knocked me out...amnesia... So my dental appt...pretty amazing, can't remember then poking me at all! If you have high anxiety/sweats (as I do) for any dental procedure...please visit Bellevue Park Dental. They treat all their patients like family, and don't use scare tactics by blowing up your cavity on a 60" TV screen to make you pay a ridiculous amount of money. They are truthful, honest, and professionals at what they do! Ive already been back several times.

Dr. Swoo on Facebook

Dr. Park has excellent chair side manner. I like that he's thorough and carefully explains the 'process' and the 'why' behind his decisions. During my procedure he would periodically ask me how I was doing - it's great that he checks in to make sure his patients are doing fine throughout their dental procedure.

I plan on going to him for Invisalign treatment. I enjoyed my experience that I referred over a co-worker and her experience mirrored mine.

James G. on Facebook

Dr. Park is BY FAR the best dentist I have ever been to.

He is compassionate. He is honest and meticulous with his work. You can tell he truly enjoys what he does. Dr Park and his ENTIRE STAFF have changed my life. Bellevue Park Dental is highly recommended! This review is coming from a patient who was (WAS) terrified to go to the dentist. I commute over 30 miles by choice because Dr Park is the best!


Jess M. on Facebook

Outstanding!! I was terrified of the dentist but not after seeing Dr. Park. Great job to him and his staff. Thank you.

Julia W. on Facebook

Definitely a positive experience. Dr. Park professionally diagnosed and repaired several problems I had. Will definitely use Dr. Park and his staff in the future.

John B. on Facebook

Went here 2 years ago had braces on, did amazing probably way better than any doctor before. So happy to find him again!! If your looking for best cleaning, come here.

Yvonne G. on Google

Dr. Hong is the best! I was there 2015 came back today. Nice service always positive

Allen K. on Google

Highly recommended. Dr. Park and Dr. Hong are very humble, down to earth people. They're not only extremely knowledgable, but they were able to transfer any information easily. Most importantly, I could feel their genuineness and willingness to help.

You are in good hands at Bellevue Dental Park.

Joe J. on Google

I really like how Doctor Park and his crew do their job and I strongly recommend everybody who has problems with their teeth to have an appointment with Doctor Park. He did amazing job fixing my teeth, he always explains everything very clearly and makes sure that I understand that. Also, he teaches how to take care of the teeth to not only resolve problems with them but also to prevent problems.

With time I started trusting him taking care with my teeth. Visiting a dentist was always a nightmare for me before, but now it’s different. I just come to his office, lay on the chair and keep my mouth opened.

When I came to US my teeth were in very bad shape. I didn't know how to take care of them properly and I didn't like to brush them, because my gum was always bleeding when I did that.

My first visits to his office were complicated since I had very deep cavities, but Doctor Park was spending over his working hours to fix my teeth. Those visits were actually much harder for him then for me, because he was giving me anesthesia and I just had to lay in the chair, but he had to be very concentrated and attentive working on my teeth for 2-3 hours without any breaks.

After few visits I got regular habits of brushing my teeth, flossing them regularly after eating, my gum stopped bleeding and I actually started to like taking of them. Now I have much less problems with my teeth. Recently, we were even able to do a filling in the tooth without using anesthesia (for the first time).

I’m very happy that Doctor Park is my dentist and I thinks he deserves 6 stars.

Levgen G. on Google

If you have anxiety going to the dentist this is the best office to have your dental work done. The staff is excellent and care about there patients.

Lorie L. on Google

I highly recommend Dr Park and Dr Hong to my friends and family. My family has been going to Bellevue Park dental for almost two years now. I have a fobia with dental treatments as I have really weak teeth and I had so many treatments since my childhood, you name it it's all done. :) They are very gentle and considerate when they do any treatments. Staffs are also very nice and they know what they are doing! They really care not only your teeth but really inside out. I've done another treatment today and I didn't feel a thing. Thank you Bellevue Park Dental. I really appreciate it.

Eunshin K. on Google

Dr. Park is something special. I truly appreciate the detailed manner in which he conducts an evaluation, giving thorough explanation for each step. Cannot recommend him enough!

Laura C. on Google

My experience here was great! Dr. Park was very empathetic with me as a patient. Unlike other dentists I've seen, Dr. Park was transparent with the process and always informed me the reason behind everything. He would answer any question I asked him and took care to make sure I understood what he was doing. It's true that he is very informative and gentle and made me feel like I was the only patient in the office. He is a wonderful and caring dentist! I highly recommend others to Bellevue Park Dental and Dr. Park.

Thomas T. on Google

My first great dental experience at age 52. The entire staff and Doc Alex park were very gentle but swift. I mattered and was treated with honest respect, (not as a sales technique). Have avoided the dentist for 20 years and was horribly embarrassed but everyone there made feel welcomed.

Green E. on Google

Dr. Park makes going to the dentist a breeze! He's gentle, thorough, and takes his time with you. He does a physical check for abnormalities and he also explains what is going on with your teeth, so, that's always nice to know. While the hygienist polished my teeth, it was actually Dr. Park who finished the cleaning with the proper instruments. Your teeth will be in great hands! He also asks and makes sure if you're okay during your time in the chair, so, I like that he cares and realizes the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience.

All the staff here are friendly and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Definitely recommended!

Maiko H. on Google

I haven't had the best experiences with dentists in the past, but I absolutely love this office. They're very compassionate and they truly care. Valerie is great and makes you feel like you've been friends with her forever. Dr. Park is wonderful and takes his time and does things right. They make sure that you're comfortable and after a wisdom tooth extraction, I even got a call to make sure that I was feeling okay. The procedure was quick and not painful. I will definitely be a long time patient.

Stella T. on Google

I chipped one of my fillings and am new in the area so I didn't have a dentist to go to. My daughter suggested that I try Bellevue Park Dental because that is where she had gone and had a great experience. So I called and they were very friendly and helpful with getting me in right away. The office looks great and modern and everyone is very professional. I received a cleaning, check up and a diagnosis of my situation. I don't have insurance and they were very helpful with the payment as well. I totally recommend you going here for any dental treatments. You will feel like you have been going here for many years with how they make you feel comfortable! Thank you Dr Park and staff for my good dental experience....

Janelle G. on Google

I made an appointment for cleaning and X-rays. My jaw started hurting before my appointment day so I called and left a message asking if I could get in early. I called on Friday which is the day they are closed. Even so, I received a call on Saturday telling me they had scheduled me in at 8 a.m. Monday! The appointment went well. The people are really nice and Dr. Park was clear on what needed to be done. He showed me the x-rays, went through his diagnosis and listened to my questions. It was a great first visit.

Paul R. on Google

I found Dr. Park and his staff to be very friendly. I found them by doing a search via 1-800 Dentist. Dr. Park has excellent chair side manner. I like that he's thorough and carefully explains the 'process' and the 'why' behind his decisions. During my procedure he would periodically ask me how I was doing - it's great that he checks in to make sure his patients are doing fine throughout their dental procedure. I plan on going to him for Invisalign treatment. I enjoyed my experience that I referred over a co-worker and her experience mirrored mine.

James G. on Google

All the staff and clinicians are friendly, knowledgeable, competent. Valerie, a front desk lady, was especially personable. Dr. Park was thorough with his explanations of my teeth/gum x-rays and was meticulous/patient/gentle with the rest of the examination and procedures. When he detected a cavity, I trusted him enough to schedule another appointment right away, which they were kind enough to do so the same day of my cleaning/exam/xrays. Knowing I didn't have insurance, Dr. Park even gave me a discount without altering quality of care. That shows a doctor who puts his patients first. My conclusion: After some searching, I think I've found my new dentist! I highly recommend this clinic. You'll feel relaxed and comfortable.

Angela K. on Google

I want to express how grateful I feel to have such a wonderful dentist like Dr. Park. He spent so much time with me, answered every question I had, and he made me feel like I was the only patient all day (which was not the case.) He was very kind and so professional. I never even felt a thing during my filling. He made me feel very relaxed and I want to recommend him to everyone who is looking for a quality, professional kind and compassionate dentist long term. I can't begin to say enough about Dr. Park and also his staff. They are one in a million and treat me with such kindness. Thank you again.

Linda T. on Google

I have seen Dr. Park twice now for my cleanings. Both times the staff has been extremely friendly and Dr. Park is beyond knowledgeable and always answers my questions completely. He is not rushed to see the next patient and is willing to spend as much time as necessary to answer all questions and do a full exam. I get my teeth cleaned regularly and have gone to many different dentists, many places the dentist just comes and takes a peek at your teeth but with Dr. Park, he spends much longer examining my teeth and even the whole mouth area (including under your tongue) for any abnormalities. I also don't have dental insurance and find my dental cleanings to be very affordable at Dr. Parks office. Already have my next cleaning scheduled!

Jessica K. on Google

I recently had a crown done by Dr. Park. I had not had any dental work other than check-ups and cleanings for quite awhile so felt a little apprehensive. I need not have worried. Dr. Park is very professional and constantly checked if I was doing OK. I was a bit nervous about the shot to deaden the area but, honestly, did not even feel it. The crown looks good..the color match is perfect. I highly recommend Dr. Park.

Vicki K. on Google

Dr. Park is very helpful in educating you on the health of your teeth and preventative measures to ensure they stay healthy. I came in with a few cavities and a possible root canal, but he was very patient in explaining what my options were, what the costs were and did not try to get more money out of me or rush me into any decision.

Will definitely be returning to Bellevue Park Dental.

Kyle W. on Google

I don't know anyone that can honestly say, "I loved going to the dentist". You will read on as to why I clicked "loved it" should read more like "nailed it"

I am pretty much DEATHLY AFRAID OF NEEDLES...and DENTIST!!! I even asked them, "is it possible to die in the dental chair?" Yessidid!

I've lived in the dental chair constantly for about 11 years which resulted in almost every tooth having at least 1 cavity, orthodontics for 10 years, extractions, and finally maxillary and mandibular reconstructive jaw surgery and Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction!! So, yes... IT'S NOT MY FAVORITE thing!

When I went into my regular crowning of a tooth, it turned into a root canal (which I was expecting, but hoping for the best). Dr. Alex Park (knowing my anxiety and hesitation) was very accommodating to my craziness. I was shaking, squeezing my hands, stiffening my body tight, and had to go to the restroom 3 times..throughout the whole process...Dr. Alex Park was very calm, gentle and also understanding. He was very informative in telling me everything that was going to happen. I couldn't have been more appreciative for that.

While Dr. Alex Park was injecting the Novocain into my mouth...I appreciated that he was very quick with it. He must have had to do about 4-5 of those vile things cuz I was so nervous...

Retrospectively thinking...IF I were to get any type of Botox injections...Who better to get the injections from than a Dentist who performs injections ALL DAY LONG! there... "I Nailed it, survived it, and am going back in 2 weeks!" Two thumbs up for Dr. Alex Park and all his associates!

Stephanie W. on Google

Good services and useful suggestions. I did my wisdom teeth removal here, all the staff here are extremely helpful and friendly.

Xioaqin Z. on Google

Very friendly and helpful staffs. I do really appreciate the receptionist for kindly assisting from start to end. The doctor, he so exceptional and professional the way he treated me and sharing his knowledge were positive.

Temesgen S. on Google

Getting my wisdom teeth out at Bellevue Park Dental was the greatest decision! Getting the IV sedation from Dr. Hong made the procedure so smooth and easy and she answered any questions I had to ensure I felt safe and comfortable. All of the employees are super great and make the dentist seem like a not so scary place after all!

Kelli L. on Google

Nice doctors and staff. I like the vibes in the clinic. So caring and connecting people I have met here. It's been 2 years in Seattle but when I come to this clinic I feel I am home in my country. They treat our family well. My kids like doctors and staff. I had IV sedation for my wisdom teeth and it went on well and I did not feel anxiety as I was asleep. please visit this clinic and go ahead for IV sedation.

HIma B. on Google

I worked with Dori, she is fantastic, very caring and explains the procedure carefully to make sure you completely understand. You immediately trust her and the advice that she is giving. I would recommend her to anyone. Simply the best.

Sam W. on Yelp

In lotus bldg. Korean male doctor is main. Recently uw graduate dr. Hong joined. I found them conscientious and proper. Clean lounge with coffee tea and TV. Closed on Wednesdays. Dr park is good with kids as he has his own. Both doctors are surgical trained. Overall they don't make up stuff just to get paid.

Sa Y. on Yelp

BOTH doctors came by to check in on me! My last dentist... well I hardly saw him. All the staff were professional and the dentists were very personable. The lobby felt like I was in someone's living room, comfortable, watching the Olympics. They have a Keurig, too. What spurred me to write this was the toothbrush with the gum massager on the back of the head. They gave it to me as a gift.

Bryan I. on Yelp

My review of Bellevue Park Dental is long overdue! I've been going here for a few years now and I've always been more than satisfied with the care from Dr. Park and his staff. I like Dr. Park because he is thorough and takes the time to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it. He asks periodically, "Are you okay" and checks to make sure that you're comfortable. I really like that there aren't surprises when he's working on your teeth because he communicates with you each step of the way. He has always been gentle with my teeth and if there might be some possible sensitive areas, he'll ask me to let him know if it bothers me. Even though I live 45 minutes away (longer if I'm stuck in traffic), the drive is worth the professional service and care I receive from Dr. Park.

Maiko H. on Yelp

Just went to see Dr. Park for a check up and cleaning. I'm always a bit nervous at the dentist because I remember some painful experiences when I was a kid. The assistant, kharen, was super nice and she explained everything as she went along. Nothing was in the dark and I felt like I was really taken care of here. One slightly bad thing though was that the cleaning was a bit rough. That may be due to my own oral health though and the doctor may just be cleaning thoroughly. But overall it was a great experience. Dr. Park seemed really caring and took a good amount of time explaining what needed to be done. I had no cavities, so they don't lie to you about procedures like the other reviewers state! Also, I work in the dental field too, so trust me when I say it's a good office to go to.

Lisa M. on Yelp

Dr. Alex Park and his staff are very courteous. They did a good job cleaning my teeth. They did not suggest any unnecessary procedures. I was in and out very fast. I would recommend this clinic highly.

Shashidhar R. on Yelp

I went to Park dental for the first time last week and it was wonderful. I was scared to get my painful cavities fixed (I have very sensitive teeth) but it was absolutely painless. I couldn't even feel the numbing shots! My teeth feel great. Plus the dentist couple is so kind and funny yet professional. I think I finally found the perfect Bellevue dentist!

Cindy C. on Yelp

I have been using Dr. Park for over 1 year and I am a happy customer with his work to keep my teeth healthy (xrays, cleaning, crown). Dr. Park has always given me all the explanations in details about status of my teeth and suggest reasonable options for any necessary works. The office has very nice and comfortable atmosphere and all the staffs are kind.

Jae P. on Yelp

I got the Groupon for my Mom for an xray and cleaning. She had been having some tooth pain and without dental insurance, you know it's going to cost an arm and a leg! Dr. Park was thorough in explaining that she will need a root canal. Valerie was very patient and helpful in pricing out everything for us. She was able to give a significant discount considering my mom didn't have insurance but unfortunately was still higher than what another dentist was able to offer. But as far as customer service, Valerie is amazing!

Tammy L. on Yelp

Like most people, going to the dentist isn't my favorite activity, but we all need to do it to keep our teeth healthy for the years to come. I mean, I've gotten pretty accustomed to chewing food.

I went to Park Dental as they were able to address my husband's cavity without a root canal. Dr. Park is someone my husband, someone who strongly dislikes dentist visits, trusts and returns to every six months like clockwork. Prior to Dr. Park, my husband hadn't been in 5+ years.

Today I went for my full cleaning and pickup my mouth guard. I was lucky to have both Dr. Hong and Dr. Park work on my teeth. They had the utmost attention to details and I truly am a fan. They were reassuring and checked in a few times to make sure I was doing ok. They also went above and beyond to let me know what was happening and make me comfortable. It was a great visit - I'll definitely be going back every six months!

VIctoria S. on Yelp

If I could give Dr. Park and Bellevue Park dental 6 stars, I would. I have been a patient for a few years and all of my experiences with Dr. Park and his staff have been positive. In addition to my routine cleanings, I am about to complete my Invisalign treatment with him. 5 months and restored confidence in my smile? Couldn't ask for anything better!

L C. on Yelp

Dr. Park is the most gentle, informative and caring Dentist I have ever had. I've had traumatic experiences at a local "chain" and found comfort in Dr. Parks approach and service. I have referred him to many of my friends! When Dr. Hong was added to the team, I was able to get amazing care with my Ortho treatment and treatment for my kids as well! They make a great team and have taken care of all of my oral care needs. I'll never go anywhere else! Thanks to the whole team!!

Heidi H. on Yelp

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Great place! Very friendly staff, easy appointment scheduling, fast and gentle teeth cleanings.

Leah B. on Google

I give this place 20 stars if I could, the hospitality and the great service is outstanding! Thank you

Jeff C. on Yelp

Such a wonderful, light touch and always a great experience. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice.

Tanya G. on Yelp